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“Smooth Process” Evan B. Redwood City, CA

“I really enjoyed the smooth process from your online quote to the FedEx next day delivery.”

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“Saved Us $$” Jacob N. British Columbia, Canada

“We thought our CAD drawings were exact, but decided to have you create a rapid prototype for us so we could verify the part before we went to manufacturing. We received our part and noticed we had an error in our drawing. Thanks to you, we were able to make a few modifications that saved us $$ on final tooling.”

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Rapid Prototyping & Stereolithography Services

Converting 3D CAD drawings into plastic rapid prototype models.

Prototype Examples
Specializing in Rapid Prototyping, the process of converting 3D CAD drawings to physical parts to create conceptual models. This patented prototyping process builds strong high-detail prototypes, from ABS plastic, or composite materials which can be used to demonstrate and test product designs.

How to Order
Three Steps

Save a 3D CAD drawing in “.STL” format. Then upload it for a Rapid Prototype Price Quote.

A side View of the final part. Material: White ABS plastic prototype

Your part will be packed and shipped in about 24 hours.

Alpha Prototypes manufactures prototypes and conceptual models using Rapid prototyping, the process of converting 3D CAD drawings to physical parts.

Materials & Process

Rapid Prototype Materials & Processes

Fused Deposition Modeling

FDM creates strong plastic prototype models with several colors available.

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Polyjet produces very precise, clear parts but is weaker than FMD.

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SLA builds precise models but is more expensive than FDM .

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Materials and Processes

Finishing & Plating

Rapid Prototype Finishing Painting & Plating Options

Chrome Plating

Standard Finishing
  • FDM: Parts are cleaned and support is removed.

  • Polyjet: Parts are cleaned and support is removed.

  • SLA: Stereolithography parts are stripped, cured, sanded to remove exterior steps and bead blasted for a matte finish.

Premium Finishing Options

Additional finishing options are available by custom quote many finishing options are available so please contact us with your specific needs.

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